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Australian-Greek war novel now published in Greek in Melbourne

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Publish Date: January 25th, 2013
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Location: Melbourne

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In 2011 my novel Someone Else's War was published in English. It told the story of my maternal grandmother, Olga Stambolis, who was a spy in Greece in Wold War Two. She was a woman with a family in Australia, who were waiting for her to come back from Greece. But she had been recruited by the British government and trained as a spy. Through a series of miscommunications and the fact that she was embedded deeply within the Greek underground, her family in Sydney came to think she had been killed in the Nazi invasion in 1942. Her husband eventually sought the Australian authorities to have her listed as dead, and he married again soon after, having two children with his new wife. He didn't know that Olga was sabotaging, spying and rescuing. He didn't know when she had been caught by the Nazis and was fretting away in Averoff prison dreaming of their family. His thought was for their three young daughters and son, who were without a mother.

The English version of Someone Else's War sold well, and went into reprint a year ago. Then, almost unexpectedly, I received word from Psichogios Publications in Athens (the Greek language rights holders to the Harry Potter franchise), that they wanted to publish Someone Else's War for the Greek language market in Europe. A few months ago I went to Athens to sign a contract, and met the company's founder, Mr Psichogios, a gentle and enthusiastic man who obviously loves publishing and helping people to tell their stories.

At first they said the book would be coming out in April 2013, but then I got an email from the Psichogios people telling me that the date had changed. I expected this bit of news. After all, Greece was in a time of terrible financial turmoil. In the back of my mind there was an expectation that the book would be out off until next August, then the following year, then infinity.

But no. They told me that the publication date was being brought forward to December 2012! In the world of publishing, this is a fast turnaround. It meant only 5 months from contract signing to publication. Granted, the book was already written, but they had to translate it, give it a new cover that would appeal to the Greek market, and go through the manuscript and check any slight factual errors that wold be picked up by Athenian residents (and yes, there were a couple).

So yes, the book is now available in Olga's homeland and across the world as an ebook on iTunes. The good people at Psichogios publications have changed the name of their Greek version to "Olga's War" (it translates much more smoothly in Greek than "Someone Else's War"). I love the cover too. It is a different species of artwork to Julie Ramsden's original English concept, but they are both terrific. You can see it on my blog page at www.someoneelseswar.info

I hope you like it.

PS: And as an Apple fan, to have two books on iTunes is a thrill (even if they are two versions of the same one.

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Australian-Greek war novel now published in Greek
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Phil Kafcaloudes

Location: Melbourne
Phone: someoneelseswar.info